Feedback is a student-led magazine, designed to give Eckerd College students the opportunity to participate in the publications process, in addition to showcasing Eckerd’s amazing hands-on STEM majors (i.e. Marine Science, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.) to the world.

What is Feedback?

Our main goal at Feedback, is to unify the scientific community of Eckerd College and create a space where current Eckerd students, Eckerd alumni, prospective students and their parents can learn about the current research and STEM opportunities that are occurring on and off of Eckerd’s campus.


Why was Feedback created?

Before Feedback was created there was no outlet that focused on the research being done by Eckerd scientists, mathematicians, and physicists. We wanted to create a platform to shed light on the amazing things Eckerd students majoring in the STEM fields are doing, with regards to research, scholarships, and more.

In addition, we wanted to get students involved from all majors. A big misconception with Eckerd, is that we value our science programs more than our arts, and that’s not true. We believe Eckerd does a phenomenal job “combining the sciences with the arts” and we wanted our magazine to exemplify that. Although the articles in the magazine are focused on accomplishments and research being done by STEM majors, most of the journalist and editors writing the articles are arts majors. Then we have students majoring in visual arts and film studies, who are photographers and videographers trying to capture the research being done in a creative and visual way.


What do you hope to accomplish with Feedback? 

We hope to give students another place where they can voice their opinions, explain why their research is important and inform prospective students on what it is like to be a S.T.E.M. major at Eckerd. Additionally, by having students who aren’t STEM majors write the articles, we are hoping that they will produce articles describing “sometimes complicated research” in a manner that is easy to understand by the ‘everyday’ person.


Who is the target audience of feedback?

Our magazine, is targeted towards current Eckerd students and their friends and family, in addition to prospective Eckerd students and their families. We want to give current Eckerd students a platform to showcase their research, whether that be to an employer or to close friends and family. We also want to give prospective students and opportunity to learn about the amazing opportunities Eckerd has to offer, by reading articles about current students and alumni and the phenomenal things they are doing within their field.